The Edenic Isle Awaits You... This page opened on 4/12/23! Stay tuned for more site updates, and eventually...comic updates!Added the ABOUT, CHAPTERS, AND GAIA'S PROPHECY PAGES.

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This is the official site for my magical boy webcomic, Knights Of Gaia or K.O.G! Written and drawn by yours truly Jas--A.K.A PAZMUND0 online. Check out the links in the MENU panel to get started!

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4/24: Added a new page...Ask the wise goddess gaia your questions. She'll provide the answers you need.

4/20: Happy 4/20! Currently working on more pages and finished 1. I will add it shortly. I also edited the main page a bit.

4/17: Added some links to the menu. *finally* They do not work though. UNDER CONSTRUCTION~! Go ahead and click them anyways. I worked hard on the not found page lol.

4/16: I added a guestbook and tweaked the layout a bit! Also added music, updated artwork and a new graphic of the boys ^_^.

4/15: Added footer and some webrings!

4/13: First log everybody! Right now this front page is just for show lol...Imma worry about links another time.

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