In a world protected by Mother Nature and Father Time--these gods hand pick knights known as elementals and minutes. These special knights help protect normal humans from their demonic counterparts--the sorcers.

Yuuki Umeyama, a third year high school student and certified magical girl geek, is a new elemental chosen by Mother Nature. This story follows him and his party members through their magical boy adventures!

✧Author's Corner

Name: Jas ☆ D.O.B: 1/8/1997

✧Genres, Content Warnings, Ratings

Knights of Gaia is a fantasy, action, and romance webcomic/webmanga!

"This site contains slightly offensive material. High chance of mild swearing, partial nudity, violence and adult themes."

Any more distressing/mature cw's will be announced at the beginning of a chapter. Since its an action comic do expect blood and violence. As listed above this page is web 14, its not like things will get that "crazy". But you know--protect yourself if you need to.
You know yourself best.